Carpet Cleaning

Your wall to wall carpet covers your floors, and provides your home its look and feel. That why it’s important to keep it clean and vacuumed regularly.

And yet, under any circumstances you keep your house, after a while the carpet start accumulating a host of dust mites, bacteria and other allergens that pose a threat to your health. Vacuuming only gets part of the dirt, but much of it still remains inside, attaching itself to the fibers, creating health hazards and a dirty look over time.

to complete your housekeeping, you need a professional carpet cleaner once a year, for a comprehensive cleaning routine.

Remove Dirt - Renew Carpet

Carpet Cleaning clifton offers you top quality, reliable services, to renew your floors, stairs and hallways. Our experts - using our deep cleaning method and updated equipment - remove dirt and hidden particulates, and get your carpets looking as good as new.

Our technicians go through extensive training and have the best tools to perform the job. also, they use only organic, bio degradable cleaning products, to insure we don’t pollute your house after cleaning it.

Our standard cleaning process is hot water extraction, which works great for most types of carpet and gets the best results available. In some instances, when working on a old or delicate carpet, we use dry cleaning in order to protect its integrity while cleaning it.

We choose which one will work best, and apply it in order to renew and refresh your living spaces, as promised.

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