Water Damage Restoration

When flood hits your house, you try to get your bearings while minimizing the damage. Run from one side of the house to another to check where the water comes from, looking for the right object to shot the source of the flood or running in a heist trying to salvage precious items.

We have seen it so many times, and our advice is always the same one - first call a professional water damage emergency services, and only then get to your stuff. 

Let us help you

Carpet Cleaning Clifton offer your 24/7 emergency water damage repair and water extraction services. We know the drill, dealt with hundreds of cases, and can guide you what to first in order to best manage the situation.

with our quality and powerful equipment we can extract water fast as possible, dry the room efficiently and get to the actual damage repair before it takes its toll on your carpet, rug or upholstery.

Our process includes a thorough inspection of the premises, to insure that no water are still running in, estimating which items needs immediate care and which can wait and planning a detailed course of action for the entire living spaces that have been infected.

The most important aspect of our service, for you, is that you don’t have to stand alone in this.

We help you deal with the situation right away, starting with your phone call right up to where your house is completely clean, repaired and restored.

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