Carpet Installation

Carpet installation that makes a difference

Wall-to-wall carpet creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any home, providing a stylish look and a comfortable feel for your family and guests. We’re the people to turn to for expert, affordable wall-to-wall carpet installation in Clifton.

Carpet can help to reduce unwanted noise and keep your home warmer in winter, as well as giving you a slip-free surface to walk on. This is especially helpful when there are children in the house, running around, playing, sometimes falling to the ground. That way you can know they a soft landing.

So let us transform your home into a safer and quieter place with our professional carpet installation services.

Trusted local carpet installation specialists

Our wall-to-wall installation crews have expert training in the different methods we offer. We can install your new carpet using the stretch method  - for added comfort and better noise absorption it includes padding. Or there is the glue-down approach that withstands heavy traffic and helps stop buckling, which is more economical. Both methods are accompanied by a 30 day, 100% guarantee.

Our end results is always a happy customer, with brand new looking floors.

We also recommend a semi-annual professional cleaning to keep your investment looking and smelling its best.

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