Upholstery Cleaning

Trusted local upholstery cleaning

Your upholstery, and especially the living room set, is an item that shows your taste while being what’s your comfortable with. If your want to keep these two qualities alive and well, for many years to come, you need to get the right help and a regular (ones a year) professional maintenance.

We bring only the best economical upholstery cleaning to Clifton, thoroughly removing dirt and tough stains.

Our trained teams use modern equipment to work heated detergent solution deep into your sofa without damaging the fabric or its appearance.

When the cleaning solution is rinsed off, you’ll see a clean, bright, refreshed sofa. Not only stains and dirt are gone, but allergens and pests will be prevented from invading those crevices again, to help control allergies and battle mold and mildew.

Is your sofa properly cleaned?

Natural and synthetic upholstery materials have different makeups and needs for treatment. Our organic cleaning products take these into account, as well as adding no harmful chemicals to your home.

Our organic, certified-green cleaning solutions combined with the best state-of-the-art equipment clean and moisturize your furniture safely, while protecting your family, your pets and your home environment from the dangers of harsh chemicals.

Sofa cleaning services come with a complete guarantee.

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