Ten Tips To Do At Home

We know housekeeping is an important, yet unappreciated job. So we gathered some good tips to help you save time and make time for your own things.

  • a great way to get rid of red wine stains, is to use some shaving cream on it, lightly.
  • old newspapers are very good at cleaning glass, such as mirrors and windows. 
  • an efficient way to pick up pet hair, it to use a wet rubber glove and simply move your hand on it - the hair will stick right up.
  • cleaning your blender: When the drink is done and poured, put some dish soap and some water in the blender, turn it on for 15 - 20 seconds and rinse. It will be as clean as a whistle. 
  • Garbage disposals gets very dirty with time. We suggest you put in there some ice cubes that are made with half water and half vinegar and grind it.  
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